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We're hiring - Here's why you should join us

by Gregoire Delpit on

2 years ago we started ProcessOut. Since then it’s been an amazing adventure. We’re growing fast and we’re looking to hire amazing persons to strengthen the team. We’re looking for backend developers and data scientists!

Join our tech team

Online payment is our playground

ProcessOut is on a mission to help online merchants optimize their payment performance. For most merchants, online payment is a black box where lots of money disappears.

Using our payment monitoring & smart routing solutions, online merchants monitor & optimize this black box. ProcessOut has an impact on 2 key payment KPIs: Authorization Rates (% of successful transactions) & Payment fees.

Lots of money is at stake, failed payments represent between 5% and 10% of a merchant’s revenues and payment fees between 0.5% and 3%. Our promise for online merchants is to help them save or recover 1% to 5% of their revenues (depending of the size of the company). It’s a huge promise! It’s a lot of money!

Our products: Monitoring & Smart routing system for payments

Our monitoring system is plug & play, no technical integration is required. It can be connected directly to the merchant’s payment infrastructure. Our payment algorithms analyze and benchmark each transaction to understand which transactions failed, why & how it could have been avoided. The system also analyzes & benchmarks transaction fees to understand how it can be decreased. It then makes personalized recommendations to help the merchant improve her or his payment performance.

Our smart routing system is made to help merchants dynamically optimize their payment flow. From ProcessOut’s API any payment API can be activated in a click. Each transaction is analyzed in real time and routed to the most relevant provider.

We now have more than 100 merchants which use ProcessOut. Among them are companies like Vente-privée, BlaBlaCar, Datadog, Cheerz or NordVPN… We love our customers! We have the pipeline to onboard more companies and we’ve raised some money to scale the business. It’s time to go faster… That’s why we need you!

Here is why you should join:

We’re looking to strengthen the tech team. We’re looking for 2 to 3 very talented and passionate people. We’re looking for you ASAP. We thought our infra would need to make x10 to support the growth. We need to make x100. It’s a crazy challenge and we’re looking amazing people to jump onboard. We’re looking for:

  • Someone to join our Infra team. Your mission will be to bring ProcessOut to the next level in terms of infrastructure performance. You will work directly with Louis-Paul
  • Someone to join our Payment API team. Your mission will be to handle all the technical connections between ProcessOut and third party payment services. You will work directly with Manuel
  • Data scientists to join Guillaume & Joseph in their mission to develop and train our payment algorithms

There are dozens of great companies around there, there are dozens of talented and ambitious teams. Here is why we think ProcessOut can be an amazing place for you to develop your talents & spend great time:

  • It’s not only a vision, it’s real. We already have more than 100 online merchants using ProcessOut. We’ve an amazing dataset and it’s expanding fast;
  • You will love the challenge. So much needs to be done. It’s only the beginning of the adventure. We’ve the commercial pipeline to make x5 this year. Only part of the vision is delivered. There are still amazing things to be built. We cannot do it on our own! We need your help. You will be key to the company’s success;
  • You will love our culture. We’re not only building a company, we’re building a family. Family is here to help you grow and to help you achieve your dream. We’re building that kind of environment at ProcessOut. We want ProcessOut to be a place where you can have great dreams and ambition and where teammates will support you to achieve those. All our interview process is made to discover if ProcessOut can be the relevant environment to achieve your dreams & ambition. We know that when people do things they love, when people feel their work is on line with their dreams and ambition… they’re freaking good. Don’t trust our words, come meet us to make your own impression

Last but not least

Since the inception of the company, it’s been a crazy ride! So many anecdotes & stories to tell. So many good moments to remember. We’ve lived in New York and in Paris. We’ve met amazing & nice people along the road. They’ve helped us kickstart and develop the business.

We won’t lie, building a company is not all beer and skittles. It’s a rollercoaster! What’s important is to enjoy the path! We’re more than enjoying it. We’re not only building a company, we’re living an adventure! Jump onboard!

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