Paris — Station F

Software Engineer, API — Full Time

ProcessOut is a payment data company started 3 years ago. The company is currently based in Paris and employs 13 persons. ProcessOut is on a mission to help online merchants monitor and optimize their payment performance. Using our payment monitoring & smart routing systems, online merchants optimize payment fees and decrease failed transactions. We have already processed billions of dollars through ProcessOut since our 2017 launch, and our trove of transaction data is bigger by an order of magnitude. We are growing strongly and have the opportunity to work with exciting customers that operate on a global scale.

We’re looking for a talented individual who will work closely on our product to deliver new APIs and iterate on existing features based on feedback from our customers. If you want to work on projects from start to finish and are driven by developer experience and product quality, we want to hear from you.

What you’ll do

You will work closely with our merchants to understand how their company works and how to make ProcessOut the best product for their business. This may mean upgrading an existing feature, or designing and implementing completely new workflows for our API: in the past few months, we have reliably delivered features ranging from card verifications to cross-provider transaction reconciliation for our customers. Your work will be supported by our Product team, and you will have the opportunity to contribute back to our roadmap. In addition to user-facing features, we expect that you will be able work on technically challenging and very high-impact tasks: for example, within the past year, we have shipped an untold number of backend optimizations and reliability improvements that allowed us onboard our biggest merchants yet.

We also expect that you will eventually mentor other engineers within the company and guide them to specify and implement their teams’ new features in our API: for example, our data team routinely adds API features to expose machine learning predictions or transaction analytics. Your opinion will have a lot of weight regarding technical decisions at ProcessOut. If you feel interested in contributing to code in other areas of the company, such as data infrastructure or marketing automation, the concerned teams will love giving you a hand.

Finally, you will join a talented team with a proven track record for delivering a product. We are starting a new payment company, which is not an easy task: the ecosystem is complex, it moves quickly, and we are still at an early stage. Sometimes, you may find yourself reading through hundred of pages of documentation written by committee; this is a part of the job, but we will do our best to provide a no-bullshit understanding of payments, and we have surrounded ourselves with industry experts that you will have access to. Technical feedback from peers is frequent and encouraged, and we do as much as possible to keep everyone involved humble and benevolent. We consider this role to be a key position for the long-term growth of ProcessOut, and we hope that we can contribute to your personal growth as an engineer.

What we’re looking for

  • You have deep experience in at least one programing language such as Go, Java, C/C++, Python or Ruby (we use Go a lot!);
  • You have designed, implemented and documented public APIs within a team in the past;
  • You know your way around web-related tech (HTTP, TLS, proxies, API conventions…)—no specific programming language required;
  • You are curious and unafraid of digging deeper to understand how systems of all kinds work. This is a quality we have noticed differentiates the best candidates.

Bonus points if

  • You have worked on a mission-critical service in the past;
  • You have experience deploying applications as a part of a service-oriented architecture;
  • You have some knowledge of the payments ecosystem (we’ll provide this anyway!)

This position is on-site in Paris, France.