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Growth challenges for a CTO - with Martin Tapia, CTO @ Phantombuster

by Matthieu Couet on

Today we welcome Martin Tapia, CTO @ Phantombuster, a fast growing startup which offers ready-made APIs to build and boost your marketing strategy.

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Optimising Payment at Travel companies

by Gregoire Delpit on

Online sales are key for companies in the Travel industry. However, payments can be painful for Travel companies with lots of failed transactions. Most of the time, these failures can be explained by high amount transactions (a plane ticket or a full package travel can be expensive and create a conflict with the payment ceiling of the customer) or by the risk profile of the Travel sector and its transactions. Online payments, huge volumes, failed transactions… that’s an interesting topic! Let’s talk about it!

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Why transactions fail?

by Grégoire Delpit on

Failed transactions are a challenge for every online business. Figures change depending on geographies and industries, however between 5% and 20% of transactions fail after customers click to pay! Meaning that 5% to 20% of sales are blocked by failed transactions! That’s a lot of money.

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[Business Insights] - How to choose your Payment Service Provider?

by Louis Terme on

Whether you’re starting up a new company or looking to expand to new countries, you might have to make a difficult yet critical choice: which payment provider should I choose for my business? As this decision will have a direct impact on your revenue & growth, we’ve listed in this article a few parameters you need to be aware of to ensure a successful collaboration with your future payment partner.

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Analytics and monitoring in payments

by Cyril Chemla on

When better managed, payments offer any company the additional opportunity to transform more users, build trust with their customers and even generate new revenue

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Will Telescope join Netflix?

by Gregoire Delpit on

At ProcessOut we’re always looking for fun ways to target amazing companies. Here is our last idea to get in touch with Netflix: Ask Telescope, our virtual payment assistant, to apply to join Netflix’s payment team.

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Telescope Diagnosis

by Jeremy Lejoux on

Transaction declines are a pain for online merchants because, depending of merchants, they eat between 5% to 10% of transactions and are a source of bad customer experience. They are hard to analyze and to explain, and this is the reason why we have created Telescope. Today, we are releasing a major update to Telescope with a completely new way of explaining failed transactions: Telescope Diagnosis.

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