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[Business Insights] - Payments at Web Hosting & VPN companies

by Louis Terme on

In this article, we explain how Web Hosting & VPN companies use ProcessOut to manage and scale their payment infrastructure. We namely highlight flexibility, tokenization and retries, 3 key features to improve payment performance and decrease failed transactions.

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[Case study] - Copines de Voyage - A payment challenge in the travel industry

by Louis Terme on

In this Case Study we explain how ProcessOut helped Copines de Voyage, a travel company improve its payment performance by increasing its number of successful transactions by more than 10% while cutting payment fees by 50%.

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We're hiring - Here's why you should join us

by Gregoire Delpit on

2 years ago we started ProcessOut. Since then it’s been an amazing adventure. We’re growing fast and we’re looking to hire amazing persons to strengthen the team. We’re looking for backend developers and data scientists! Join our tech team Online payment is our playground ProcessOut is on a mission to help online merchants optimize their payment performance. For most merchants, online payment is a black box where lots of money disappears.

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Welcoming Joseph to the team !

by Gregoire Delpit on

Here comes… Joseph, one of the most promising data scientist soccer player you will ever met The mercato is over. Great players moved, Barcelona FC bought Coutinho, Arsenal bought Aubameyang and sold Giroud to Chelsea. At ProcessOut we were not on the bench and our scouts were looking for the next Messi-scientist. We found him and his name is Joseph. He is definitely the best soccer player we ever had in the team and he is also a very promising data scientist.

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The payment performance challenges

by Guillaume Merindol on

Today, I’d like to give you insight on some of our nomenclature and even on metrics we use internally to know how good our algorithms are doing. This will be rather short but will give you an insight on what you can work on, and what we are working on. In payments, the merchant has three axes to work on: authorization rates, fees, and chargebacks. The problem with the Authorization Rate The authorization rate is intrinsically the most important stat: it’s essentially measuring the income you should be getting but you’re not.

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Open-Sourcing our Apple Pay Go Library

by Louis-Paul Dareau on

At ProcessOut, we have supported Apple Pay since last year. If you are like us and want to own your payment stack, it is critical not to rely on a single provider to handle your processing. However, Apple Pay relies on an intricate token encryption scheme which makes it both more secure and harder to implement. There is very little code available to help with the full implementation, beyond Apple’s own examples—which are client-side only.

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2017 ends, it's time to say thank you!

by Jeremy Lejoux on

2017 has been an incredible year for ProcessOut. Since we launched the product and onboarded our first users in January so many great things happened. We learned a lot, visited lots of great countries & above all met amazing people! We’re so grateful to all of you who made 2017 such a special year for us. Year is coming to its end and we thought it was a good time to say “Thank You”.

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